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Sid xx

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Colour Challenge #1 - Red, White and Green

OK, here goes: the first Colour Challenge on the UK Stampers board! To start off, we are going to use Red, White & Green, however, one little rule - no Christmas cards. This is not a colour combination that we tend to use very much so that is why I thought it was a nice challenge to start with! Think Italian flag, Portuguese flag, Cherries, houses, blood (if you want to go Gothic) scenery, Football team colours, Folk Art, Clowns, etc. I am sure that you can think of far more than just these ideas. You can use other colours in your composition, but the predominant colours must be Red, White & Green.

Post your picture here and make sure that you add your name and pick the Colour Challenge #1 label from the Labels list below so that we can see all of the entries in one place!

Good Luck & have FUN!


PMB said...

wonderful stamping as always!
And thanks for the fab challenge.

UK STampers Cyber Blog said...

Fabulous Kristy. I lurve strawberries!
Great challenge
Burnice x

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Great card Kristy - love your use of colour. Fabulous idea to do a colour challenge - thoroughly enjoyed it.