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Sid xx

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

12 days of Christmas: Day 8

I am now in catch-up mode!

You know you have too many rubber stamps when you go through your animals wondering what you can use as a substitute for a cow and realise you have three different cow stamps (OK, one of them turned out to be a bull...).

The girls image is from a company called 'Blue Cardigan' which seems to have ceased trading. If anyone knows where to get their stamps please let me know! I extended the wires with a pen, and hey presto! The flowers/grass are Art Impressions and the cow came from a job lot on eBay eons ago. Background is sponged Distress inks.

OK, this one was quick and easy. Since the beginning of this series I have been meaning to use these Invoke Arts dancers, and the Prima tassels border just begged to form the curtain.

You cannot really see it on teh scan but the main dancer's outfit is enhanced with glitter pens. I will add a shadow for the main dancer as she looks a bit silly floating in mid-air - I did not realise until a moment ago!


Effie said...

Fantastic stuff. how cute are those milk maids! Thanks for playing along!

Sid said...

Loving the images used on these plates ! Great work !