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Tuesday, 31 July 2007

UK STampers - Use your Stash Challenge #1

as Members of UK ST will know, I recently mentioned an on-going Use your Stash Challenge, so here is the first one:

Look through your stamps, and choose an image that you has never seen active service, and use it, along with other ingredients if you like, to make either an ATC or card.

As we go there will be points to collect, and there will be a little prize at the end for the people that have collected the most points. On each challenge post you will see the points that you can accumulate for that particular one (there will also be some that have additional bonus points). Just keep a note of your points as you go.

Members, please post your efforts either on the blog, on on your own blog with a link here. You could keep a tally of your points either in your signatures or on the database (see my details).

Non-members are welcome to join in, and should post a link to their contribution.........better still, think about joining our community........just go to UK STampers site, register and wait for activation.

The points for this challenge are:
  • Members taking part = 5 points
  • Non-members taking part = 2.5
  • ATC = 2 points
  • Card = 3 points

Closing date for Challenge #1 is Sunday, 5th August 2007.

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